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"Others may make it cheaper but none makes it better"
At least 93 of the 200 biggest yachts in the world are fitted with Robbe & Berking silver and at least 93 Michelin stars distinguish the manufacturer's restaurant customers. In Flensburg, however, those who decide on products from one or both of the manufacturers are not called customers, but friends. Friends, who have been loyal to the brand, some for generations, expect work of the highest quality from the Flensburg silver and yacht manufacturer, a company which has been achieving excellence for five generations and for over 135 years.

And they are friends in spirit too, because they all share a calm approach. "Peace with dignity, those who achieve this have indeed scaled the summit of life. For them, it is as if everyday life is silent, it has become an eternal Sunday." This is what it says on a picture at the shipyard. It is not lifestyle, temporary trends and customer desire which drives our friends, but the longing for timeless elegance. However, of what use is timeless elegance if the work does not survive the passage of time? The name of Robbe & Berking is known by connoisseurs throughout the world as the hallmark for uncompromising and unsurpassed quality, in combination with German craftsmanship.

Many coveted awards confirm the special status of this collection. Major museums exhibit this silver as outstanding examples of a new aesthetic in tableware. A development which opens up new dimensions for silver.

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